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Star Rover Support

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If you have any questions in using Star Rover, do not hesitate to contact support(at)

Or you can leave a comment below describing your problem.

Star Rover

I just purchased this for my i-phone 3gs and it doesn't work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Star Rover requires iOS 4.0

Star Rover requires iOS 4.0 or later. Please provide more details about your problem, thank you!

Star Rover not working

The only icons that do anything is time and location. There is nothing else but a blank screen.

Please try the following

Please try the following:
1. Delete the current App;
2. Reboot your device;
3. Download and reinstall the App.
If the problem remains the same, please send the screenshot to support(at) to help us locate the problem, thank you!

Can't get to the main screen

I just downloaded the app to my iPhone and was exploring it.
I selected the little icon of the Earth and I got a world map showing latitude and longitude.
The problem is I can't get back to the main screen.
I've pushed, selected, slid and rotated everything and still it stays on the World map.
I've even closed the app and reopened it and it goes right to the World map.
(and thanks)

Whoops! Figured it out!
"Set Location"
I don't know what I was thinking but it wasn't that.

You got it!

You need to touch "Set Location" in order to save your setting and quit the Setting page.

System requirements

FYI You may need to publish the system requirements on the App store as well as here. (If you did, I have not found it) I hesitated to purchase as I could not locate this infomration. I haev been "zapped" by your competitors because they do not work properly or crash a lot...

iOS 4.0 or later

Star Rover requires iOS 4.0 or later which can be found on the Requirements column of iTunes.