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E-Cube was developed regarding the well-known puzzle called Rubik's Cube. It makes you a fantastic 3D cube in your pocket that you can play it anywhere and anytime.

E-Cube provides you two gaming modes - Teaching mode and Playing mode. If you are new to Rubik's Cube, choose Teaching mode to learn how to solve a cube with a step-by-step instruction; Otherwise, choose Playing mode to practice cube solving or just kill the time.

In Teaching mode you are introduced a beginner method called "Layer Method" which requires memorizing only a few algorithms and can achieve solves of 60 seconds or faster when done efficiently. For more details about beginner method for solving a cube, you can google "Beginner Rubik's Cube Solution".

E-Cube Support

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If you have any questions in using E-Cube, do not hesitate to contact support(at)

Or you can leave a comment below describing your problem.

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